Our newsletter archive features past issues, most of which include downloadable coaching tools you can use to generate feedback, evaluate your effectiveness and more.

In the following list, the lead article is listed first followed by the coaching tool (if any).




Volume 1 - 2005

January - "Why CoachingPastors.com Was Created" -- Leadership 360
February - "The Power of Feedback: Friend or Foe" -- Feedback: Friend or Foe
March - "Strengthen Your Strengths" -- Priority Focus
April - "Competing Commitments" -- Competing Commitments
May - "Leadership Influence: Managing Your Attitudes & Emotions" -- Attitude Check Worksheet
June - "Leadership & Goal Setting: From Dazed & Confused to Praised & Renewed" -- God's Agenda
July - "Build Your Ministry on A Solid Foundation" -- Core Values Worksheet
August - "Coaching vs. Supervising" -- Supervising & Coaching Evaluation
September - "Setting Life-Changing Goals"
October - "Growing Healthy Churches with Natural Church Development" -- NCD Worksheet

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