Vol. 1 No. 9
Coaching Newsletter, September, 2005

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Setting Life-Changing Goals

One of the most important steps to making changes in your life is to set a clear, effective goal before you start. Below are my top five tips for setting life-changing growth goals:

1. Focus on the Destination
Itís easy to make setting a growth goal too complicated. Just establish where you are going and donít worry yet about how you are going to get there. Hereís an analogy: you are in Chicago and wants to take your family on vacation. When you are making the goal statement, all you have to establish is the deadline and the destination: whether you are going to New York or Los Angeles, and when youíll get there. You donít need to know whether you are driving or flying, how much the trip will cost, or how much luggage youíll take. Leave the action plan for later.

2. Major in Motivation
The best goal is the one you are most motivated to work on. The area where there is the largest gap between your aspirations and reality is usually where there is the most motivation to change. Change is a function of motivation, not information. In other words, the biggest factor in whether you succeed or fail is not knowing what to do: it is being motivated to do it.

A key place to look for motivation is a recent teachable moment. For instance, you might have ignored your health for years, but when a close friend the same age as you dies from a heart attack, suddenly the motivation to exercise skyrockets.

3. Start with One Goal
Itís easy to get all fired up about working on three or four things at once. But unless you have an unusual amount of time available (for instance, if you are between jobs), start with a single growth goal. Setting your expectations a little low and then increasing them when things are going well is much better than placing the bar too high and failing.

The pattern you want to establish is that every time you set a goal you meet it. Success breeds success. When you meet a goal or makes great progress, you get excited, you begin to believe in yourself, and suddenly you can do things they never thought possible.

4. Be Concise
Most of us ramble, especially when we are talking about things we havenít fully thought through before. However, the best goal statements are concise and to the pointópreferably a single sentence. Think through what you want, then try to state your objective (your desired outcome) in one sentence. For instance, ďBy November I want to be spending 30 minutes in prayer in the morning 6 days a week.Ē A goal is a faith statement that unleashes the power of God on our behalf. Most of us never experience that power because we never really state our goals.

5. Donít Do it Alone
Verbalizing your goal to another person strengthens your commitment. Itís the same principle as ďFor man believes with his heart and so is justified; and he confesses with his lips and so is savedĒ (Rom 10:10). Something powerful happens when our goals are in the open and not private. If you are serious about achieving your goal, take advantage of this principle!

And hereís a bonus tip: a coach is professionally trained to walk you through every one of these steps and to help make your dream a reality. A great way to achieve more is to retain a coach!

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