Christian coaching is where more and more ministry leaders turn to increase leadership effectiveness and move forward toward their destiny. If you're looking for a great coach who understands ministry leadership, Coaching Pastors brings you the best of both. We're professional, certified Christian coaches and trainers with extensive experience in ministry and Christian leadership training.

What do you need to take your ministry (or your business or personal life) to the next level? As we've done for many of our clients, we can help you refocus, meet a challenging ministry goal, reconnect with your passion for ministry, navigate a transition or bring balance to your life. A coach is like a personal trainer for anything you want to work on: a confidant, partner, and supporter who pushes you to grow faster and be your best. And one who works from a biblical values system and understands the leadership challenges you face makes a great partner.

Our mission is to provide the best in Christian coaching to bring out the best in you. We offer a variety of personal solutions, workshops, coach training and coaching certification for your lay leaders and staff. Our site contains a sample of free tools (articles, case studies and leadership resources) as well as an archive of articles to give you an idea of what we have to offer. We can help you be your best, or provide a complete package of services to bring coaching to your whole organization. For instance, if you'd like to introduce coaching to your leaders, check out the exciting new book Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus, plus the companion Leadership Coaching Live! CD set. We offer a wide variety of resources and training to introduce the fundamental coaching skills to your leaders and help you launch coaching in your organization.

If you'd like to explore the difference a coach can make, contact Coaching Pastors today! We'll help you find the right coach for you—you can even get a free complimentary session before you commit to make sure you've made a great choice. Or contact us to receive more information on how our innovative workshops, training programs and materials can bring the power of coaching to your church.


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